Flocking Breast Cancer

A group of eight women in an effort to fundraise for Breast Cancer Research began "Flocking" local businesses. This entails placing a group of plastic pink flamingos outside buildings and asking for a donation to have them removed. The donator can then choose a new business to have the birds 'migrate' to. These women are participating in Seattle's 60 mile, three day Breast Cancer walk. Each member is attempting to raise $2,200. The proceeds will go towards awareness, education, support, and a cure for breast cancer. These woman are earnest in their efforts, stating that "All of us, in our own way, are paying a tribute to a friend or family member who has touched our hearts. We are passionate about keeping a promise to do everything possible to end the suffering caused by breast cancer.” Orcas Island Realty will contribute and look for the next “victim” to receive the flocking. 

You don't have to be flocked to donate, however. Visit the team online at: 


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